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Your Professional Edge: Interpretation and Translation Services Executed to the Highest Standards

Cincilingua offers a worldwide network of resources for interpretation and translation in all major languages. Our commitment to quality and accuracy serves as the foundation for these services, our expertise guarantees it.

We Speak the World’s Languages: Cincilingua can assist with your interpretation and narration needs. Our language experts provide voice-overs as well as tourism and business interpreting services, ensuring highly accurate communication in a variety of multiple-language situations.

Timely, Accurate Translation of Any Document: We also offer language translation services to businesses operating in the global marketplace. Cincilingua’s project teams use a comprehensive translation process to provide the most efficient, effective and accurate translation of your material. Combining outstanding language skills with subject matter expertise is our formula for producing clear and precise communication.

Each project follows a five-step process, starting with project planning to understand your business and your audience and the assignment of the translation team and project manager best suited for your task. In-house proofreading by a second team of professionals and layout review ensure accuracy and completeness. Finally, working with the most popular document processing and DTP applications, translations are output as traditional hard copy or delivered electronically for text, Web page or service bureau output.
Cincilingua can translate anything from a simple letter to a software manual, from a birth certificate to a legal brief. We provide special expertise for:

  • Pharmaceutical research, medical reports and forms
  • Technical manuals
  • Advertising and packaging copy
  • Legal documents
  • Product and service literature

Our credentials

Our interpretation and translation project teams include Cincilingua staff members and a network of language professionals. In addition to being multilingual, our team members have living and work experience in source and target language countries; offer an average of 11 years language arts experience; have accreditations and degrees in fields such as linguistics, engineering and medicine; and maintain continued international involvement in their technical fields.

As a corporate member of the American Translator’s Association (ATA), our staff and network of international translators adhere to the highest standards of professionalism. We take all appropriate steps to ensure the confidentiality of your documents and will certify and notarize your translations as required.

In addition to being multilingual, our translators have living and work experience in source and target language countries.

“We recently had two Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) translated into French for shipments to France and Canada. Your staff was very knowledgeable, knowing that there was a difference in the reporting requirements between the Canadian and French authorities. [We appreciated] Cincilingua's excellent and professional work.” —Fern Gessford, Procter & Gamble

“Thank you for all of the work Cincilingua put in on short notice. The meeting with our French partner went extremely well. They spoke little if any English and were very impressed with the quality of the translation. Please express my appreciation to your team!” —Steven Bosking, Director of Marketing, Lil' Drug Store Products Inc.