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Specialized Training

Cincilingua's Intensive Training Program can be designed to emphasize one or more of the following specialized training:

Learn English as a Second Language—Get Real-World Experiences

Cincilingua's ESL focus is designed to meet the student's individual needs within the context of general English. For students who want to speak English fluently, the course will concentrate on conversation. If listening comprehension is a goal, exercises and activities will be structured to improve listening skills.
The ESL concentration provides direct exposure to many "real-life" situations. Through a special segment, "Live and Learn," many places in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, are used as classrooms. Visits to banks, car rental agencies, museums, shops and restaurants give the student the opportunity to apply newly acquired language skills in everyday situations, significantly enhancing in-class learning.

Study English for Important Business Communication

Cincilingua's Business English focus is specifically designed for executives who need to learn English for important business communications. Business English integrates situational and functional practice with grammatical and structural learning.

All materials are customized to the world of business. According to a student's goals, the course can include development of general business skills sets such as effective telephoning, leading a meeting, skillful presentations, email writing, quality assurance, team management and resolving conflicts. Presentation and practice of these topics provide a pragmatic foundation to doing business in English.
The course can also incorporate terminology and skill sets specific to the student's field such as conducting a performance review for the human resource professional or negotiating a sale for the corporate buyer. Cincilingua instructors have years of experience covering vocabulary from the fields of law, medicine, civil engineering, production management and many others.

Sharpen Skills for TOEFL/GMAT Entrance Exams

Cincilingua courses can be individualized to help students prepare for the TOEFL/GMAT entrance exams for admission to a university or other school. Strategies and techniques for each particular exam are taught using simulated tests given under actual test conditions and scored on official scales to determine proficiency. Instructors track progress and students become familiar with the testing procedures and types of questions on the exam. 

“These three weeks have been invaluable for my personal and business activities. I feel much more confident in speaking English, specifically with financial vocabulary, and I am able to do it in a fluent manner, understanding oral conversations with native English speakers that usually use idiomatic expressions.” —Miguel Pellat, Elek, Moreno Valle y Asociados, Mexico

“I enjoyed my time at Cincilingua. I was able to clarify key concepts and I'm feeling more comfortable speaking English. In my opinion, Cincilingua has a good method for improving your English.” —Gloria Viviana Landínez, Sales Manager, Animal Health Division, Eli Lilly Inc., Colombia