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A Combination of Classroom Learning, Outside Study and Real-Life Experience

Cincilingua is committed to teaching at the student's individual pace, covering as much material as possible in the time frame the student has dedicated to learning a second language. There are no set course levels. Each course is personalized to the student's exact knowledge level, learning style and goals.

imageEach student's language skill set is evaluated through written and oral tests. Based upon these results, the Cincilingua team designs a course to correct the student's weaknesses, fill-in knowledge gaps and cover new material.

Learning a second language is accomplished through direct association, constant practice and consistent correction. The presentation and practice of functional concepts is taught in the classroom. Students receive textbooks and digital recordings to use in the evenings to reinforce materials taught in class. To complement classroom instruction, the student is exposed to many and varied real-life situations where speaking and listening skills can be fine-tuned and practiced. Learn more about our unique Intensive Training Program (ITP) course.

No Group Classes

Our decades of experience have proven that one-on-one private instruction is the most effective way to learn. Unlike groups, in our classes you will not waste any time reviewing concepts that you already know or struggle with concepts that are too advanced for you. Only material appropriate to your grammatical level and areas of interest will be presented, at your fastest pace.

Language Instruction for Greater Cincinnati Residents

Cincilingua offers private one-on-one language instruction to students living within the Greater Cincinnati area. Local instruction is available in a variety of languages including Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, ESL, Business English and many other languages. Courses can be individualized to help students prepare for the TOEFL/GMAT entrance exams. Most often, Cincilingua local private instruction courses fall within five levels of desired achievement, learning time and language proficiency.

Scheduling and frequency of instruction are up to each student. Each session is scheduled in three-hour blocks within the hours of 9 am-9 pm Monday through Saturday. Learn more.

   Local Private Instruction

“This program is better than others because you can learn fast. For people like myself, who only have a short time to learn, [Cincilingua] is the best place to study.” —Carlos Jiménez, Cámara de Diputados, Mexico

“It's amazing the method they use, very serious and determined. I definitely think it could be an excellent opportunity for our executives to use as a way to improve, polish, gain more confidence on their English skills.” —Sergio Morilo Rodríguez, TOTVS, Mexico