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The Cincilingua Team

Cincilingua is a family-owned company deeply committed to providing peerless training in the world’s languages. Cincilingua’s students interact with all members of our team. Our founders, Hubert and Marinette Collet and Director Pierre Collet are actively involved in Cincilingua’s day-to-day operations and are well known by our students.

From the company’s leadership to our instruction team and Cincilingua staff, we are proud of the close-knit yet highly professional atmosphere that permeates our language learning institute. With each Cincilingua team member contributing his or her years of experience and expertise, together we have created a powerful and highly successful language learning model.

Knowing they have help and advice when they need it creates a comfort level for our students, who have traveled thousands of miles from home for their classes—this is a Cincilingua benefit we feel nurtures a unique and positive atmosphere that greatly enhances our students’ learning.

Our Instruction Team

Of course, the Cincilingua people our students will see the most are their instructors—all college graduates in various fields of study with native fluency in the languages they teach. Working with their students using Cincilingua’s proven direct-instruction method, our instructors are highly trained in time-tested techniques that develop peak performance and maximize their students’ language learning progress.

Having two instructors—one each for the morning and afternoon class sessions—maximizes students’ exposure to their new language and different teaching approaches. Additionally, because our teaching staff has expertise in a number of different professional occupations, Cincilingua is able to match students to instructors who understand their particular industry and its related vocabulary.

Program Coordinator

To guarantee our students’ continuous progress and improvement, Cincilingua’s program coordinator meets individually with enrolled students to test, evaluate and administer ongoing skill level assessments. Working with this information, we design unique courses for each student that map out skill areas to be studied and that incorporate the specific vocabulary and subject matter requested. To further enhance their cultural immersion experience, the program coordinator arranges private and group tours for students studying English as a Second Language and provides all students with information regarding Greater Cincinnati activities to enjoy during their after-school hours.

Resource Manager

Our resource manager keeps Cincilingua’s diverse selection of teaching aids and grammatical references up to date and pertinent. We have an extensive pedagogical and technical reference library. This ever-growing collection of reference and teaching aids are made available to our instructors and their students.

“My teachers were the best part, they are intelligent, well prepared and with extraordinary knowledge about culture, history, economy, etc. I will always consider them as my personal friends.” —Domingo Soto, Director de Proyectos Financieros, Coppel, S.A. de C.V., Mexico

“The quality of the teachers, the outstanding organization, the environment of cordiality and the comfortable building of the academy contributed to significantly improve my knowledge of the English language and at the same time to enjoy a pleasant stay.” —Dr. César Coronel, Coronel & Perez, Ecuador

“Cincilingua is an institute in which you can see the director and the owner every day. I met Mrs. Collet and I could speak with her frequently. She was interested to know about how I was feeling and how Cincilingua could help me.” —Paolo Longo, Venezuela