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The Most Effective Way to Learn a Language

Our unique Intensive Training Program (ITP) courses are the most effective language training available. These courses are concentrated processes in which the student is totally immersed in the second language. Learn English as a Second Language (ESL) or Business English, prepare for the TOEFL/GMAT entrance exams, study Portuguese, speak French or study one of many other languages offered. ITP courses enable students to retain a greater volume of material in a shorter time span than is possible with any traditional method.
Before a course begins, a student’s language skill set is evaluated. Each course is personalized to the student’s level of knowledge, learning style and goals. Courses can begin on any Monday. Cincilingua prefers at least two weeks prior notice to the student’s arrival so that we can properly set up the personalized course. ITPs last one or more weeks, depending on the student’s current knowledge level in the second language and degree of proficiency desired.

Our ITP includes:

  • 40 hours of private instruction per week (8:45 am - 4:45 pm Monday through Friday)
  • Hotel room accommodation at a first-class hotel.
  • Transcultural instruction. The student is instructed in the language and in the thought and action patterns of the target country.
  • Instruction on technical terminology.
  • Digital recordings, custom-made for each student, containing a synopsis of the entire program.
  • Lunch on class days with an instructor.
  • Teaching materials.
  • “Live and Learn,” our ESL and Business English language instruction provides students with the option of going on field trips and are always accompanied by an instructor.

Students are responsible for:

  • Personal and incidental expenses.
  • Travel to and from Cincinnati. 
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Breakfasts and dinners.
  • Extra night(s) hotel accommodations.

ITP is literally an around-the-clock process where 10-12 hours of the day are devoted to language learning. A typical day is filled with one-on-one classroom exercises, real-life experiences and study assignments.

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Cincilingua offers the PaytoStudy option to receive international payments with credit/debit cards.

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“Language immersion combined with the one-on-one approach of Cincilingua is possibly the most effective way to learn a language, both for students at square one and for people wanting to improve their foreign language skills and vocabulary.” —Rodolfo A. Bordenave, General Motors, Argentina

“You have the right combination of teachers, methodology and staff people, and you have thought in advance of all those details that students will require living outside their countries, so they can have it all set and be focused only on learning English.” —Allan Angulo Gastelbondo, Ecopetrol, Colombia