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The Language Training Specialists

Cincilingua is one of the largest private language institutes in the United States. Our language training courses are custom-designed to meet individual student needs. The hallmark of our successful teaching approach, Cincilingua provides each student with private, one-on-one instruction. We specialize in English as a Second Language and business English, with training also available in many other languages.

Cincilingua's Language Training Is Based on Six Core Concepts

Since our founding in 1972, Cincilingua has designed all courses around our six core concepts of teaching a foreign language. This is a proven method that provides our students the maximum effectiveness in developing language fluency.

  1. Private, One-on-one instruction is the key to quick and effective language learning—far superior to group and online training or any other conventional method.
  2. Learning to think in a second language by associating sounds directly with concepts and situations leads to better retention.
  3. Situational learning related to each student’s unique personal and business needs is better than memorization.
  4. Instruction carried out exclusively in the new language is the most productive way to learn.
  5. Requiring students to speak the language as much as possible builds confidence and provides vital teaching opportunities.
  6. Gaining a basic understanding of a country’s culture is essential, providing context and perspective.

The Cincilingua program is simply the fastest, most successful, most cost-effective path to fluency in a second language. Our instructors and staff members are highly trained professionals who provide students with comprehensive language training. Our experts guide students from basic concepts to the most advanced constructions.

“Talking about a lot of things helped me to improve my conversational skills as well as my listening skills. [My teachers’] professionalism, knowledge of English and the methodology they used was key to my learning process.” —Allan Angulo Gastelbondo, Ecopetrol, Colombia

“I have had the opportunity to take several courses in other USA and Canadian institutes, but not one gave me the result that I achieved when I was in Cincilingua. I have been in Cincilingua two times, and I have also recommended the institute to some of my clients.” —Saida Quintero, Quintero y Quintero Asesores, Colombia