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What Would You Like to Know About Cincilingua?

Here are answers to some often-asked questions about studying with Cincilingua. If you don’t see the information you need, please ask us a question using our contact form.

Applying to Cincilingua

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Does Cincilingua offer English as a Second Language (ESL) and Business English classes? What other languages do you offer?

Yes! Since our founding in 1972, Cincilingua has specialized in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Business Engl11ish training. You can also combine general and business English in one program. We also offer courses in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and more—all taught at our language institute in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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What is included in the cost of Cincilingua’s ITP (Intensive Training Program)?

The ITP includes 40 hours of private instruction per week as well as books and materials used in class, lunch on class days and hotel accommodations.

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How do I enroll/schedule a class?

Once you have decided to study at Cincilingua, simply complete our Application Form and email or fax it to us, and we will schedule your classes, make your hotel reservations and send you an official confirmation by email. A 20% deposit payment on the total cost of your course is due at the time of your enrollment. The 80% balance is due by your first day of class.

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How do I pay for my course?

Cincilingua offers the PaytoStudy option to receive international payments with credit/debit cards. Cincilingua accepts all major credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners. We also accept payment by wire or bank transfer and by check drawn on an American bank and sent by courier. On your first day of class, you can also pay in cash or with traveler’s checks or travel money (Visa and American Express both offer prepaid cards that function like credit cards). You can see more details about the options on the Payment Options Form. Please contact us for additional instructions if your company prefers to pay via purchase order.

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How do I know my language level? Is there a test?

Cincilingua does not have classes divided by levels. You can study with us at any level—because you are our starting point. Our classes are all about you, customized and driven by your language learning needs, not a set “cast in stone” curriculum.

For our English students, about one week prior to your arrival, you will be sent a link to our Online Placement Test. Based on the results of this test, we will plan for your individual course. Flexibility is a Cincilingua hallmark. The design of your course will be refined after your instructor has conducted an oral evaluation on your first day of class.

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How do I decide how many weeks I need to take?

It takes time to develop fluency in a second language, and the more time you have to be immersed in the language and culture the better. We will present material at the fastest pace possible, always ensuring that you are incorporating the new material into your usage as you work through your course.

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Will I be fluent at the end of a week-long session? Do you offer a guarantee?

Cincilingua’s courses are for serious language learners. We cannot promise fluency in one week. However, with your customized, one-on-one instruction, you will improve at a rigorous pace—far faster than when using any other language learning method. Remember, you’ll be speaking your target language for seven hours a day with your instructors. See our Testimonials page for what our students have to say about Cincilingua.

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What if I need to postpone or cancel a course once I have enrolled?

As long as we have prior notice, it is no problem to postpone or change the date for your course. You can also completely cancel your course for a cancellation fee.

Visa Requirements

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Do I need a Visa to study at Cincilingua?

Yes. You can use your B visa (Visitor Visa). Enrollment in a short course of study as offered by Cincilingua is permitted on a B-1 or B-2 visa as it is a non-degree, short-term, personal development program.

Arrival and Accommodations

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Which airport do I fly into? Is it easy to get a flight to Cincinnati?

You will fly into the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (airport code CVG)—ranked as the top airport in the United States in a survey of international travelers. Most major airlines fly into or have good connections into Cincinnati. Common connecting cities are Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and Dallas.

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How do I get from the airport to the Millennium Hotel?

The airport is about 15 miles, or 30 minutes, away from the Millennium Hotel in downtown Cincinnati. Executive Transportation runs a shuttle service at the airport that takes passengers to all hotels, including the Millennium. Tickets for the service must be purchased at the Executive Airport Shuttle desk, which is located by Door 1 across from the baggage claim area at CVG. One-way tickets cost $22.00 (or $32.00 for the round trip). You may also take a taxi from the airport; they are available curbside exiting baggage claim. The one-way fare should be approximately $34.00.

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How do I get from the Millennium Hotel to Cincilingua?

The Millennium is six blocks from Cincilingua—it is an easy 10-minute walk through the heart of downtown Cincinnati. You will receive a map of downtown Cincinnati with your official Cincilingua confirmation. Maps are also available at the hotel’s front desk.

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Will I ever need a car?

No, you will not need a car. One of the great benefits of our Cincinnati, Ohio, location is that everything is close by. From the hotel to Cincilingua, sports venues, restaurants, theatrical performances, a wide variety of shopping options and local festivals—everything is within an easy walking distance.

However, if you ever want to explore areas out of the city, car rental services are available at the hotel and several other downtown locations. Costs are approximately $50.00 per weekend plus insurance.

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What if I need to spend extra nights at the hotel? How much do they cost?

No problem—just let us know the exact dates you need so that we can make the reservation. We pass along our deeply discounted corporate rates to our students. Contact us for those current rates. Please note that the accommodations included in the package price are for arrival on the Sunday prior to your course start date and for departure following your class on your last Saturday. Sundays between weeks are included.

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Do you offer a “homestay” option?

No, we do not offer any homestay options (where you would live with a family). In our many years of experience, we have found that this is not very successful or comfortable for adults and it is not conducive to their studies. In addition, transportation to and from school can be logistically difficult, time-consuming and costly.

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Cincilingua instruction

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What will my class schedule be like?

Your classes will be held 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

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Who will be my instructor? What are your instructors’ qualifications?

You will have two instructors, which will provide you the maximum exposure to native speakers and different language learning approaches—one each for your morning and afternoon class sessions.

All of Cincilingua’s instructors are native speakers, college graduates in various fields and have been trained in our teaching method.

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Do you offer group classes?

No. Our decades of experience have proven that one-on-one private instruction is the most effective way to learn. Unlike groups, in our classes you will not waste any time reviewing concepts that you already know or struggle with concepts that are too advanced for you. Only material appropriate to your grammatical level and areas of interest will be presented, at your fastest pace.

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Will I ever be in class with or share meals with other students?

While Cincilingua’s ITP classes are always presented as one-on-one instruction in private sessions with your instructors, you will have lunch each day with other students. Optional Live and Learn tours are often several students with one instructor. And, after classes, you and the other students will have many opportunities to have dinner and explore the city of Cincinnati together on your free time. Speaking your target language is always encouraged, even when you are not with an instructor.

A few words about lunch! We have no doubt that lunch time will be one of the many highlights of your time with us and that you will make new friends as you practice speaking during your meals. Mondays through Fridays, a healthy lunch will be catered at a private club. Salad, soup, a main course, the club's signature cookies and your choice of five beverages will be served. While eating, you will be able to converse with a teacher and other students. After eating, you will interact with instructors and students to learn new vocabulary and practice speaking in a fun atmosphere.

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Does Cincilingua ever use technology?

Cincilingua is happy to use the student’s iPad, tablet or laptop for recording notes, both in written and oral forms. Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout our facilities, so instructors will often access a magazine article, blog or website relevant to the student’s professional area for practice with up-to-the-minute terminology. Many homework exercises, explanations and charts used in class are digital as well.

You can always take generic computer programs on your own. Your Cincilingua instructor will be focusing directly on your specific needs and your areas of interest.

Nothing can match the effectiveness of one-on-one, in-person instruction. It is this give and take, instant feedback and 100% attention paid to the individual student that sets Cincilingua's instruction above all other options.

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What learning materials will I receive? Will I get any books?

Yes, all materials used in class are included in the price. Materials consist of books, pamphlets, handouts, digital workbooks and other helpful resources.

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How much homework is involved?

You will be assigned a variety of homework each evening, depending on your level and needs. You can expect up to about three hours of homework. It is an important part of your course, used to reinforce the concepts covered earlier that day. Completing your homework each night allows you to progress faster the following day. But don’t worry, not all homework consists of grammar exercises! You may be asked to write some typical emails or even watch a TV show for listening comprehension.

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Will I receive a diploma at the end of my course?

Yes, at the end of your course, you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment from Cincilingua.

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Will I receive a progress report—for myself and/or to share with my employer?

Yes, you will also receive a Progress Report that details your language level upon arrival, level upon departure, concepts covered, materials used, areas of strength and weakness and recommendations for continued study.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Is Cincinnati safe?

Cincinnati has been ranked one of the top 10 safest cities in the United States, based on a statistical analysis conducted by Forbes magazine. This is not to say that safety should be taken lightly—Cincinnati is a major metropolitan area, and common sense safety precautions should be taken as you would in any big city.

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What do I do during the weekends and evenings after school?

Cincinnati is a terrific city to visit. See our About Cincinnati page for more information about the wide range of dining, shopping and entertainment options available to you in this thriving metropolitan area.

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Are there things to do or places to visit within an easy driving distance of Cincinnati?

Absolutely! Cincinnati is located one to two hours from several popular destinations. Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky; Columbus, Ohio, our state capitol; Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Indy 500; and much, much more are available within easy driving distances. Cincilingua’s staff and the hotel’s Guest Services can offer several suggestions on ways to explore and expand your exposure to the U.S. culture. Be sure to check out our About Cincinnati page.

Why Cincilingua?

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Why should I travel to Cincilingua in the United States to improve my English?

Language learning is an investment in yourself. You will take your new skills back home, to use to great advantage in your personal and business life.

What Cincilingua offers is unique to language learning. Our private, intensive one-on-one instruction with a native speaker is the fastest way to learn a language. Period. In addition to face-to-face language instruction, Cincilingua’s Intensive Training Program offers immersion in the culture of the English-speaking United States—and that is an invaluable learning experience that you simply cannot get from a book or a computer program.

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Does Cincilingua also offer translation and interpretation services?

Absolutely. Our translation and interpretation services have been widely used by individuals and companies in a variety of ways—for papers to be presented or published, for meetings, to help ease the visit of executives visiting from another country. See our Translation–Interpretation page for more information.

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Have you ever measured customer satisfaction?

Yes, we always survey students six months after their instructional time in Cincinnati. 98 percent respond that “they would return” for further instruction and 97 percent say they “found their language learning experience with Cincilingua highly effective.” Be sure to check our Testimonials page for more first-hand experiences.

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