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Cincilingua—The Leader in Language Training for more than 45 Years

Founded in 1972 by Hubert and Marinette Collet, Cincilingua has grown into one of the largest, most-successful private centers for intensive language training in the United States. We are a family-owned and operated business, dedicated to providing each of our students with personalized, face-to-face instruction—a program of total immersion in language and culture that is custom designed to meet each individual’s specific needs along their language learning journey.

Why Cincilingua?

In the early 1970s, drawing on their 10 years of experience in the language training field in both the United States and France, the Collets saw that intensive, one-on-one, conversation-based instruction was the single most-effective way for busy executives to gain fluency in a language within a very short time frame. Providing this service to students from around the world became their goal.

In founding Cincilingua, the Collets envisioned a place where executives could leave behind the pressures of personal and business commitments to completely immerse themselves in language training without any distractions. In essence, they wanted to create a virtual "isolation booth" for language learning. The Collets established their new business in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the heart of the United States’ Midwest.

Since Cincilingua’s early years, the company has grown from a small staff teaching in 10 classrooms in rented office space, to more than 50 language instructor experts teaching in 50 classrooms in a company-owned facility located in downtown Cincinnati.

Cincilingua’s program has evolved into an extremely cost-effective language training option, offering comprehensive packages that deliver the highest quality training at the lowest possible price. With their extensive experience in language training, above and beyond their native fluency, our instructors are exceptionally skilled teachers—accomplishing in a week what could take technology-based, distance-learning programs years. English as a Second Language is our most popular program, and we offer instruction in multiple other languages as well, including: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

   Statement of Mission and Philosophy

Pierre Collet, Director

Pierre ColletAs director of Cincilingua since 1992, Pierre works with our corporate and private clients, serving as their point of contact and shaping programs to meet their specific professional language learning needs. He takes a very hands-on approach to his leadership role, directing the Cincilingua team, overseeing the selection and training of new instructors and working with our staff to ensure client satisfaction. Pierre is available at any time to discuss a student’s particular ongoing needs or concerns. Fluent in French and English, his favorite part of any day, though, is getting to know Cincilingua’s students, helping enhance their training through conversation and day-to-day interactions.

Intensive, one-on-one, conversation-based instruction is the single most-effective way for busy executives to gain fluency in a language within a very short time frame.

“This week at [Cincilingua] was a very special opportunity for me to learn not only English, [but also] I really got to know very interesting people and places in the beautiful city of Cincinnati.” —Dashira Martínez, Hospital General de la Plaza de Salúd, Dominican Republic

“I really enjoyed the city of Cincinnati. There are so many places to visit, safe and clean streets, a perfect balance of old and modern buildings, the beauty of the river, the parks, the bridges and all those pubs and restaurants on the riverside.” —Rodolfo A. Bordenave, General Motors, Argentina