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Our Quality Assurance Team

Hubert Collet


Hubert Collet is the leader of our quality team, bringing expertise gained throughout his 38-year involvement in the language business. He supervises all employees with the aim of ensuring client satisfaction. He works with corporate clients, shaping programs to meet specific professional needs. Mr. Collet oversees tests and oral evaluations, as well as intermediate and final progress reports on all students, providing feedback to corporations and private students.


Pierre Collet


Pierre Collet develops corporate and private accounts by visiting current and prospective clients. He answers inquiries, completes enrollment, provides follow-up information, reviews client analysis, makes sure that contract specifications are met and that special requests are carried out to the satisfaction of the client. Oversees the selection and training of new instructors, and works with the program coordinator and instructors to ensure that all courses stay on track.

Angela Gibson
Program Coordinator
Our program coordinator meets individually with enrolled students to test and evaluate skill levels. The program coordinator and the instructor team design a unique course for each student, mapping out skill areas to be studied while incorporating specific vocabulary and subject matter requested.  She consults weekly with both students and instructors, discussing and making changes as needed; arranges private and group tours for English students; and provides information regarding other outside activities for all students. In addition, she provides orientation to all students and makes assessments of student programs in order to guarantee continuous progress and improvement.

Ruth Maynard
Resource Manager

Our resource manager researches and selects teaching aids, grammatical references, didactic and cultural videos/DVDs; and maintains an extensive pedagogical and technical reference library. In cooperation with other team members, the resource manager assigns teaching staff and program resources according to student course needs. Her strong organizational skills allow maximum flexibility in scheduling and course individualization.

Instruction Team
Our method instructors conduct training using our proven direct-instruction method and provide continuous follow-up training and introduction to new supplementary materials. They serve as primary resources to all instructors in their language, regarding methodology, textbooks and other educational materials. Method instructors coach instructors about special techniques to develop peak performance and maximize studentsí progress.

Our instructors are college graduates with native fluency in the language they teach. Instructors complete oral evaluations of students and work in conjunction with teaching partners and the program coordinator in designing, developing and implementing individual courses while adapting our instruction method to each student.

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