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Translation Process Designed for Accuracy


Our multi-phase translation process consistently produces the highest level of precision. By using this comprehensive approach on simple and complex projects alike, we ensure that our translations are as accurate as possible. Our process involves five-steps.


Project Planning. Before we begin a translation, we invest time with the client. We want to understand the client’s business, target audience, market, and primary and secondary goals. The client and Cincilingua translation professionals work together to determine timing and
output requirements.


Translation. Our project teams are selected based on the client’s needs and requirements.
A manager is assigned to each project. This manager serves as your point of contact and oversees the project from start to finish.


In-House Editing and Proofreading. Our quality-driven process has built-in checks and balances.
A second team of professionals reviews each project for accuracy, completeness, consistency of terminology, writing style and suitability for the target audience.


Layout Review. During this step of the process, the format is finalized, review comments are documented and incorporated, and the client approves document output.


Output. The finished job can be delivered electronically for text, Web page or service bureau output, in addition to traditional hard copy.

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