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Language Instruction
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Cincilingua's Language Training Is Based on Six Core Concepts

Cincilingua's proven method of teaching provides the student withthe most effective techniques
in learning a foreign language. Our six core concepts are at the center of our language
instruction process.

  1. One-on-one instruction is key to quick and effective learning. All classes are conducted privately with one instructor per student. This individualized instruction facilitates a learning process that is far superior to any conventional method.
  2. Cincilingua teaches the student to think in a second language by associating sounds directly with concepts and situations.
  3. Instruction is carried out exclusively in the new language, which is proven to be more productive than any other method.
  4. Situational learning is better than memorization.
  5. The student is required to speak the language as much as possible.
  6. Basic understanding of a country's culture is essential when learning the language.

Language immersion combined with one-on-one approach
of Cincilingua is probably the most effective way to learn a
language, both for students at square one and for people
wanting to improve their second language skills and vocabulary.

                        —Rodolfo A. Bordenave, General Motors, Argentina

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