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Cincilingua—The Leader in Language Training for more than 30 Years

Founded in 1972 by Hubert and Marinette Collet, Cincilingua has grown into one of the largest private centers for intensive language training in the United States. A family-owned and operated business, Cincilingua provides every student with personal, customer-oriented service.

Drawing on their 10 years of experience in the language-training field in both the United States and France, the Collets believed that conversation-based, intensive, one-on-one courses were the most efficient way for busy executives to gain fluency in a language in a very short time frame.

They envisioned a place where executives could leave the pressures of personal and business commitments behind and completely involve themselves in language training without any distractions. The Collets wanted to create a virtual "isolation booth" for language learning in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

To improve the cost-effectiveness of language training, Cincilingua began offering all-inclusive, comprehensive language packages to deliver the highest quality training at the lowest possible price.

Cincilingua has grown from a small staff teaching in 10 classrooms in rented office space, to more than 50 instructors in 50 classrooms in a company owned facility in downtown Cincinnati.

The quality of the teachers, the outstanding organization,
the environment of cordiality and the comfortable building of
the language center, contributed to significantly improve my
knowledge of the English language and at the same time to
enjoy a pleasant stay

                       —Dr. César Coronel, Coronel&Perez,Ecuador

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