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The Language Training Specialists

Cincilingua is one of the largest private language institutes in the United States. Our language training courses are custom-designed to meet individual student needs. Cincilingua provides
one-on-one instruction, specializing in
English as a second language and Business English with training in many other languages.

Since 1972, Cincilingua has followed six core concepts in teaching a foreign language. Our proven method provides maximum effectiveness in developing language fluency.

The Cincilingua program is simply the fastest, most cost-effective path to fluency in a second language.

Our team of instructors and staff members are highly trained professionals who provide students with comprehensive language training. Our experts will guide the student from basic concepts to the most advanced constructions.

Cincilingua’s intensive language training center is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Cincinnati offers the advantages of a big city, but still has that small-town friendly atmosphere.

The Cincilingua method, learning at your own pace and
understanding as you proceed, is very effective. This

approach, combined with the personal attention of the
instructor, makes it possible for the student to learn a
great deal in a short time
                        —Charles B. Hookway, Kellogg Company

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