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O que dizem os nossos clientes

“Este programa é melhor do que os outros porque você pode aprender mais rápido. Para pessoas como eu, que só têm um período curto para aprender, é o melhor lugar para se estudar. A Cincilingua usa uma tecnologia mais moderna. Cincinnati é uma cidade onde as pessoas falam um Inglês
muito bom.”
—Carlos Jiménez, Câmara de Deputados, México

"It is not only about learning, but a life and cultural experience.

I spent 7 weeks in Cincinnati, so I had the chance to meet several of Cincilingua's students. Several times I asked them about their teachers and I received only one answer, they were great.  Not only because they are good teaching English, it is also because they are intelligent and interesting people, so you are doing a great job selecting them.


Your system is also fantastic - the one on one lessons helps to build a "custom made" program for each student. 


Your staff is fantastic - always ready to solve any students concerns and small problems, not only related with the program, also with the hotel and personal topics. By the way, Mrs. Collet is part of my good experience, always smiling and ready to receive us in the morning.

My teachers were the best part, they are intelligent, well prepared and with extraordinary knowledge about culture, history, economy, etc. I will always consider them as my personal friends."

—Domingo Soto, Director de Proyectos Financieros, Coppel, S.A. de C.V., Mexico

Thank you for the opportunity to join the great professional staff at Cincilingua in my endeavor to improve my skills using the English language.

The final report enclosed in your email was as personalized as all other instructions and care I received during the two-week course.

It is great that I still have a lot of work to do, because it is another excuse to go to Cincilingua in the future.

Sandra’s kindness over the phone was a really nice and pleasant beginning.I would like to thank my teachers for their efforts. Especially Mr. M. Sum for his dedication to get the best from me in the short period of time I spent there. Also I want to thanks to Ms. P. Ross for her emphasis in grammar.One session experience with Mr. Neil Hunt was quite enjoyable and productive. I will remember Mr. James Duval for his enthusiasm during the lunchtime. Mr. Alfonso Barnes was great and I am very grateful because his willingness to help at any time.I am very thankful to Angela Gibson for her support in smile mode all the time.

In summary I can say that I am extremely satisfied with this course and now I am doing very fine…sorry, I mean I am doing very well!

—Carlos A. Sariol Curbelo, M.D., MS, Director, Unit of Comparative Medicine Virology Laboratory, CPRC UPR School of Medecine, Puerto Rico

 I am very proud of my election of CINCILINGUA early this year to help me improve my English skills. I think this was the best choice I could have made, since I had such a wonderful time there not only learning English but, “living the language” too.

 I want to specially thank my teachers: Ruth, Thea and Mike, I have learned a lot from of all them, I enjoyed my classes too. Talking about a lot of things helped me a lot to improve my conversational skills as well as my listening skills. Their professionalism, knowledge of English and the methodology they used was key to my learning process.


I want to thank also Angela and Alfonso for being always willing to help me, as so was Mme Collet. Let’s not forget about Sandra and Mr. Collet who helped me a lot at the beginning when I was planning my trip. I do want to thank the teachers I had spent lunch time and tours with: Ellie, Chris, Gill, James, Steve, Jim, Donna, Jeffrey, (I hope I am not forgetting one of those wonderful people).


It was nice meeting people from other countries and visiting different places in Cincinnati, as well as having a warm place to return at nights: The Millennium hotel (lol!)


Rest assured that I will tell about you here in my country, to all my friends and colleagues interested in learning English since you have the right combination of Teachers, methodology, staff people, and you have just thought in advance in all those details that the students will require there living outside their countries, so them can have it all set and be focused only in learning English.


Thanks again, I truly believe that big dreams are made of small achievements, and this for me, was another achieved goal.  It will take some more effort to get to the level of proficiency I want to achieve, but this was really a great improvement.

—Allan Angulo Gastelbondo, Ecopetrol, Colombia

Being those two weeks in Cincinnati, OH was a great experience and it really helped me on improving my English skills, killing some fears and giving me more confidence on speaking and using my knowledge of this language.


By the way, I wish to recommend this school. It's amazing the method they use, very serious and determined. I definitely think it could be an excellent opportunity for our executives to use as a way to improve, polish, gain more confidence on their English skills.

 —Sergio Morilo Rodriguez, TOTVS, Mexico

My wish is to return to Cincilingua because, in my opinion, it is the best English program in order to learn the language.  Since my family (I have two little kids) and work/business do not let me take a long course out of my country, Cincilingua's method is perfect to obtain quick progress in a short time. 

I have had the opportunity to take several courses in other USA and Canadian institutes, but not one gave me the result that I achieved when I was in Cincilingua. As you remember, I have been in Cincilingua two times and I have also recommended the institute to some of my clients.
    —Saida Quintero, Quintero y Quintero Asesores, Colombia

First of all I’d like to thank you because this week at your school was a very special opportunity for me to learn not only English, I really knew very interesting people and places in the beautiful city of Cincinnati.  our school is excellent, the teachers are all very well trained, and the program was awesome.

I am so happy to see my report, that I will use in my organization like a tool for future positions available or promotion related to the healthcare market.
I want to mention you Ruth, to me was my best teacher because I really learned from her experience and culture, and she helped me a lot. Don was a great teacher too.

In general my experience was very positive and I am very thankful.  
Dashira Martinez, Hospital General de la Plaza de Salud, Dominican Republic

“Minha estadia em Cincinnati, bem como o treinamento em idiomas, foi uma experiência positivamente marcante que eu recomendaria a todos. 'A Imersão no Idioma' combinada com a abordagem personalizada da Cincilingua é provavelmente a maneira mais eficaz para se aprender um idioma, tanto para estudantes iniciantes como para pessoas que desejam aperfeiçoar suas capacitações e o seu vocabulário no idioma estrangeiro. Também gostei muito da cidade de Cincinnati durante os intervalos matinais, do almoço e das tardes e após as aulas. Existem tantos lugares para se visitar, ruas seguras e limpas, um perfeito equilíbrio entre os edifícios antigos e modernos, a beleza do rio, os parques, as pontes e todos aqueles bares e restaurantes a beira
do rio.”
    —Rodolfo A. Bordenave, General Motors, Argentina

“O método da Cincilingua, aprendendo no seu próprio ritmo e compreendendo como você progride, é muito eficaz. Esta abordagem, combinada com a atenção pessoal do instrutor, torna possível para o estudante aprender muito em um curto espaço de tempo. Com relação aos instrutores, achei que eles são todos excelentes. A paciência e o bom humor de todos os instrutores foi um verdadeiro incentivo para mim!”

    —Charles B. Hookway, Kellogg Company

“Gostei muito do meu período na Cincilingua. Fui capaz de esclarecer conceitos básicos e estou me sentindo mais confortável ao falar Inglês. Na minha opinião, a Cincilingua tem um bom método para aperfeiçoar o seu Inglês.”

    —Gloria Viviana Landinez, Gerente de Vendas, Divisão de Saúde Animal,
Eli Lilly Inc., Colômbia

“Estou certo de que a instrução que recebi e a confiança que ganhei nas capacitações no idioma Alemão, me proporcionaram a base para a expansão das minhas habilidades à medida que eu assumo meu novo cargo no escritório da Zexel GmbH e inicio minha vida nova na Alemanha. A escola é moderna e eficiente e o espírito e o calor de Cincinnati proporcionam um excelente 'pano de fundo.' Naturalmente, a escola é muito mais do que livros e um prédio. [Meus instrutores] foram capazes de adequarem rapidamente seus estilos de instrução à minha velocidade e capacidade de aprendizagem. Ao mesmo tempo que sofri contantes desafios, nunca me senti completamente perdido na matéria e acredito que isto me permitiu tirar o máximo proveito do curso.”

    —John F. Maggioncalda, Zexel GmbH

“Meu Inglês melhorou significativamente em um curto espaço de tempo em áreas difíceis: escuta, fala, escrita e leitura. Gostei também do fato de que o meu curso foi especialmente estruturado de modo a atingir as metas que havia solicitado. Os materiais de apoio foram de primeira classe. Por exemplo, os livros, vídeos e programas usados durante o curso focaram as minhas necessidades. As atividades organizadas pela escola também foram incríveis. Essas atividades me propiciaram a possibilidade de conhecer mais sobre Cincinnati e de falar sobre diferentes temas durante as visitas com os professores e estudantes. As visitas ao Tribunal de Justiça, ao Zoológico e ao Museu de Arte de Cincinnati enriqueceram meu vocabulário. Tenho certeza de que essas 3 semanas foram de valor inestimável para minhas atividades pessoais e de negócios. Sinto-me muito mais confiante falando Inglês, especificamente com vocabulário financeiro, e sou capaz de fazê-lo de maneira fluente, compreendendo as conversações orais com interlocutores nativos do idioma Inglês que normalmente usam expressões idiomáticas.”

    —Miguel Pellat, Elek, Moreno Valley Asociados, México

“O sistema que se está usando para ensinar Inglês é eficaz e ao mesmo tempo agradável, pois oferece aos estudantes flexibilidade para adaptar as aulas às suas necessidades e à sua disposição de ânimo. Cincinnati também é ideal devido à oportunidade mínima de se falar o idioma nativo. A estrutura da cidade é provavelmente uma das maiores vantagens para os estudantes pois ela oferece todas as principais características de uma 'grande cidade' assim como um ambiente calmo e a cortesia dos seus cidadãos, como em uma cidade pequena.”

    —Oscar Diesel, Citibank, Paraguai

“Gostaria de aproveitar esta oportunidade para agradecer a você e a toda a equipe da Cincilingua por ter realizado um excelente trabalho ajudando os funcionários da General Motors e suas famílias a aprender novos idiomas antes de suas missões no exterior. Agradecemos a sua atenção com relação à qualidade.”

    —James K. Fisher, General Motors Corporation

“Senti que me deram tratamento preferencial, até o ponto em que me senti como fosse o único estudante que vocês tinham durante aquelas três semanas.”

    —Gaspar Aguirre, Estudio Beccar Varela, Argentina

“A qualidade dos professores, a notável organização, o ambiente de cordialidade e o confortável edifício da academia, contribuiram significativamente para aperfeiçoar meu conhecimento do idioma Inglês e ao mesmo tempo desfrutar de uma prazeirosa estadia.”

    —Dr. César Coronel, Coronel & Perez, Equador
Once finished my experience in Cincilingua, I would like send you my greetings to every body. My four weeks were really wonderful, very well lived, in a quite and friendly city, which offers interesting sports manifestation, many cultural options and some nice places to know and to visit.

Since my first day with you, I could meet excellent people, always ready to indicate me the best way to resolve any unexpected need and tell me how take advantage of every situation. Alfonzo and Angela are an efficient team. They were able of give me convenient suggestions and concrete answers every time that I asked them about something.

I am absolutely satisfied with my teachers. All of them encouraged me to reach my objectives, because they knew perfectly what I was trying to improve. We spoke about topics selected according my profession, using materials with relevant value, even previously discussed among us. Some interesting lectures were combined with videos, in order to practice listening, reading and speaking abilities, with emphasis in that I really needed. So, It is my pleasure remark my admiration for Katy, who was my teacher during my first two days, and for Ruth and Kevin, who were my morning and afternoon teachers, respectively, for the rest of my course. I enjoyed a lot every one of my lessons, and I think I learned so much in a short time with them, because they are simply great teachers and better persons.

Now, after four weeks, I can confirm the high quality of your method. I could practice my English with more than 12 different teachers. In fact, in my lunch times and in my Saturday specials tours I joined Maryann, Fern, David, Brown, Sandra, Patricia, Brandon, Beverly, Donna, Michael, Drew and Sue. Additionally, in the mornings, before class, or in our break times, and also in the afternoons, when the lessons were over, it was very frequently meet other Cincilingua’s teachers and spend some minutes with them speaking in English.

Finally, Cincilingua is an institute in which you can see the director and the owner every day. I met Mrs. Collet and I could speak with her frequently. She was interested to know about how I was feeling and how Cincilingua could help me.

ow, I have excellent books and materials, and I try to do some exercises every week, read English lectures no less than twenty minutes per day, watch English TVs programs, and practice with English speakers every time that I can. 

Thank you so much for everything. I hope see you again as soon as possible, probably in a new experience with you.
   Paolo Longo, Venezuela

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