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Language Instruction
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Private Language Instruction Courses Customized for Individual Needs


Cincilingua provides private one-on-one instruction in many languages including ESL and Business English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and other languages. Courses are designed for students who need to learn quickly.


The first step in choosing a course is an assessment of the student's career needs, time commitment and an evaluation of learning style. Cincilingua shapes courses to meet both personal and corporate goals. Our courses are also available for family members who are accompanying
the student.


Choose from these courses:


  • Intensive Training Program (ITP). The most effective. Intense private language instruction, 40 hours a week for one or more weeks. Accommodations provided at first-class hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
  • Local Private Instruction. For students living in the Greater Cincinnati area. Private language instruction, flexible scheduling.


We do not offer any group classes.  Our decades of experience have proven that one-on-one private instruction is the most effective way to learn.  Unlike groups, in our classes you will not waste any time reviewing concepts that you already know or struggle with concepts that are too advanced for you.  Only material appropriate to your grammatical level and areas of interest will be presented, at your fastest pace.  There are no personality conflicts in our private classes as there may be in groups. 

I felt you gave me preferential treatment, up to the point that
it seemed like I was the only student you had during those
three weeks
—Gaspar Aguirre, Estudio Beccar Varela, Argentina

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